Proposal for a report on business communication at IULM University

Head: Vanni Codeluppi

Year 2019

The primary objective of the "2019 Report on Business Communication" of the IULM University, financed as one of the University's Special Projects, is to describe and analyse the most important events that took place in Italy during the previous year in the main areas of communication in general and in the area of business in particular.

The Report is intended to express the particular vision of communication that the IULM University has developed in its various decades of activity and that, despite the success achieved in terms of academic prestige and number of students enrolled, has had little opportunity to manifest itself so far. The IULM University Business Communication Report can therefore also be a valuable tool for promoting IULM University's identity externally, and is therefore promoted by the Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising at IULM University, but is a tool throughout the University. It has consequently adopted a perspective that is able to understand the different disciplinary approaches existing within the University. The IULM University Business Communication Report also benefits from the work that several members of the teaching staff have been developing for some years through observatories focused on specific areas of business communication.