New media narratives: music, image, storytelling

Head: Fabio Vittorini

Year 2018

The use of storytelling as a key to reading the media (and communication in general) is a theme studied in depth in scientific literature and with different approaches that are distinct but closely related, from semiotics to sociology, from comparative literature to applied narration, from film studies to television studies, from musicology to popular music studies.
A scientific investigation into contemporary forms of storytelling is made even more necessary by social implications, in which the great use and abuse of words such as "storytelling", which are applied to any object, is evident, with a fundamental simplification that risks depriving them of their epistemological potential.
The research project investigated the ways of telling stories in the contemporary media landscape, straddling different languages and contents, with an interdisciplinary approach that involved the written word, static or moving images, cinema, TV series, music, theatre and sound design, combining different scientific approaches and backgrounds that worked synergistically on the relationship between languages and the widespread intermediality of contemporary stories.
The research activities carried out were collected in a volume entitled: Nuove narrazioni mediali: musica, immagine, racconto, edited by Fabio Vittorini, Bologna, Pàtron, 2019