A Data-Inspired Digital Communication project: GEODIS Freight Forwarding

Head: Stefania Romenti

Year 2018

The project has three main objectives:

  • To improve the digital positioning of the GEODIS company in order to make the organization a reference point for its digital stakeholders on logistics and transport issues.
  • To improve the degree of digital effectiveness and relevance of online content strategies implemented by the company in order to meet the information needs of current stakeholders and consumers and attract potential customers.
  • To increase and strengthen the relational network of the company with positive consequences in terms of digital reputation and impact on the business.

The evaluation of the digital environment in which the organization develops its online communication strategy was based on the implementation of three main activities: a) the analysis of users who access and actively participate in the social channels of the company; b) the evaluation of the content strategy implemented by the organization; c) the analysis of the digital reputation context of the company.