"From the Tablet to the Tablet". Imaging surveys for applications to epigraphy and cultural heritage

Head: Erika Notti

Year 2019

The application of extremely flexible innovative technological devices is known to be at the service of research, as well as the enhancement and conservation of cultural heritage, in terms of museographic mediation, dissemination and usability of a wide range of objects of appeal to the public. The project focuses in particular on the study of textual contents and supports of registered documents, aimed at the analysis and networking of epigraphic corpora with the help of advanced technologies (such as RTI, 3D laser scanning).

One of the primary objectives of the research is the production of a set of selected texts, as well as of materials "of minor epigraphy", which meet criteria of significance, in quantitative and qualitative terms. Particular attention is paid to the study of a class of documents registered by Thera (Santorini) and a set of Cnossie tablets, kept in the museum of Heraklion (Crete), for a total of about one hundred texts (and fragments). The main research and application activities of the project are focused on:

  • hosting, domain, start-up, setting up and maintenance of a self-standing website aimed at the publication of RTI, 3D and comment cards in Italian and English
  • field missions, collection, analysis, and online and printed publication of results