Milan told through the eyes of others

Head: Simona Moretti

Year 2018

"Milan told through the eyes of others" is the title of a one-year (2017-18) research project funded by the 'Giampaolo FabrisDepartment of Communication, Arts and Media at IULM University. The project has now been concluded.
The research focused on the narration of 'others' in relation to the city or its symbols. 'Others' are those who are not from Milan, but also those who are different from us. Getting their story means generating another one, in a process that has no end and that conceals its deep and intrinsic vitality in this very process. Historians and critics of art, cinema, television, architects, economists have analyzed a range of well- and less well-known works, representations and aspects of the city, with in-depth and as yet unpublished views. Their research has come together in a volume published in 2018 by Silvana Editoriale under the title "Raccontare Milano. Art, architecture, media and the market". At the end of the book, a selection of photographs appears as the result of a didactic project run by Gianluca Colin and Adriano D'Aloia, who led the students of the Theory and Technique of Photography course at the Faculty of Arts, Tourism and Markets at IULM who were tasked with telling the story of Milan through the medium of photography. The beautiful narration in images that gradually took shape has revealed a complex and never trivial relationship with the city.
The volume was preceded by a short cycle of conferences on the subject, held in spring 2018 by the IULM University and the Brera Academy, open to the public.
The project thus covered the fields of scientific research, education and the Third Mission.