Theatre Training Society

Head: Valentina Garavaglia

Year 2018

The research project Teatro Formazione Società (Theatre Training Society) offers itself as an experimentation of a path of reflection on the value of theatre as an educational tool and training, as a place of 'construction' and expression of creative and relational potential of the individual, as a support material for the official paths proposed within the sphere of high-school educational programmes and the development of transversal skills of individuals.

All is to be transferred to an online platform, so as to make the model and the materials gathered from the experience available to external users belonging to the world of education.


The project is born from the need to renew the coordination between the world of school and theatre, proposing an education for the production and enjoyment of live performance with innovative, targeted and appropriate methods, in order to develop a new audience generation who know how to draw benefits from participation in a theatrical experience in terms of learning content and development of transversal skills (soft skills).

Teatro Formazione Società is an experimental project aimed at finding a method shared by several subjects to develop tools, with a theatrical matrix, to support the educational programmes and the development of soft skills of high-school students

The project, which was born within the theatre direction workshop of IULM, will be developed in several stages:

  • Design and production of an ad hoc theatre performance for the training project, in collaboration with the partners, with the IULM students, with the IULM course and career counseling services.
  • In addition to the production, an open access platform will be designed and updated with materials useful in understanding the stages of construction of the project that will go hand in hand with the study of a subject from the high-school curriculum.