Analysis of new skills and professional profiles in the tourism sector

Head: Manuela De Carlo

Year 2018

The study was commissioned by the EBT and the Milan Hoteliers Association. The research constitutes a pilot project focused on the hospitality sector in the metropolitan area of Milan, to be subsequently extended to other sectors of the tourism industry.

Through a survey of all the hotels associated with APAM, the study made it possible to:

  • identify the most recent trends in the tourism labour market with particular reference to the hotel sector in the light of the ongoing economic, socio-cultural, technological and regulatory changes;
  • identify professional outlets in the tourism sector with a particular focus on emerging roles in the innovation, marketing and digitisation functions of the hotel industry;
  • monitor the skills most sought after by tourism companies both from a technical-professional and a management (managerial skills and soft skills) point of view, with particular reference to the hotel sector
  • guide companies in formulating effective human capital development strategies.