Non-profit, music, growth

Head: Angela Besana

Year 2019

The main objective is to study the missions, strategies and performance of foundations and other non-profit organizations that deal with music education, transmission of musical identity and philanthropy for music, with the ultimate aim of verifying the impact on growth, in terms of number and quality of stakeholders involved, at the level of cities, supra-urban dimensions and tourist destinations.

This involves profiling the type of non-profit body, from operational (training in the broad sense, according to regulatory standards or traditions and schools; enhancement of musical identities such as 'native music', etc..) to funding (for scholarships, community networks, enhancement of names, events, celebrations responding to specific interpreters, cities or territories, etc..), to then identify organizational and operational models.

Publications in progress include:

  • Besana A., 2019, Money... Vil Denaro! When Sparafucile would not gain, Whoever the Dead.
  • Besana A., Esposito A., 2019, Music and tourism: hitting high notes in economics and marketing of opera houses and destinations
  • Besana A., Esposito A., Fisichella C., Vannini M.C., 2019, CRIS forever! Culture Resilience In Small ... towns.