School presentations

From north to south to talk about IULM

Through a task force of IULM graduates and undergraduates we want to shorten the distance between university and school through orientation activities in the field. That's why IULM meets the students directly at their institutes on an itinerant trip.
The presentations include an overview of the university world (division of the academic year, differences between school and university, exams and credits, services, etc.), followed by an in-depth look at our degree courses and the professions associated with them.
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The Figures
IULM Orienta started up in 2003 with the help of 10 tutors who travel almost 15,000 km in two coaches reaching students in schools and town squares. In 2004, work in the office intensified, i.e. contact with schools and scheduling of appointments. The members of the Task Force became more autonomous and started moving separately.
The project is constantly evolving and, in addition to presenting the degree courses and the non-educational activities that characterize the life of university students, they also brings to schools direct personal accounts of a variety of professional experiences