Professors Pietro Mazzola and Salvatore Sciascia

During the summer of 2017, Prof. Pietro Mazzola and Prof. Salvatore Sciascia received important awards for their scientific work: one from IFERA and one from the Journal of Family Business Strategy.IFERA is the international association of scholars of family businesses, which last June organized its annual conference in Zadar, Croatia.
The scientific committee of the conference gave an honorable mention to the two Professors of our University for an article on the processes of internationalization of family businesses, written with Lucia Naldi (Jonkoping University - Sweden) and Jonathan Bauweraerts (Université de Mons - Belgium).

Also as a result of this recognition, Prof. Sciascia was invited to join the editorial board of the scientific journal of IFERA, the Journal of Family Business Strategy, of which Prof. Mazzola was already a member.

With an impact factor of 2,375, it is considered a magazine of great and growing prestige in the sector. In 2014, the two Professors published an article on the role of the family in the strategies and performance of companies in this journal, written together with Prof. Franz Kellermanns (University of North Carolina - USA), and the two Professors have recently published their studies in other prestigious scientific journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and Journal of Product Innovation Management. Alfredo De Massis (University of Bolzano) and Mattias Nordqvist (Jonkoping University - Sweden) published an article on the former in 2016, while on the latter they published in 2015 a study developed with Proff. Alfredo De Massis (University of Bolzano), Josip Kotlar (Lancaster University - UK) and Tommaso Minola (University of Bergamo).