Giuseppe De Rita

Giuseppe De Rita - Honorary Degree in Communication Sciences, conferred on 13 December 2004

Giuseppe De Rita, graduated in law in 1954, was an official SVIMEZ (Association for the Development of Southern Italy), head of the sociological section of SVIMEZ, Managing Director of CENSIS (Centre for Social Investment Studies) and finally from 1974 to the present he is Secretary General of the CENSIS Foundation.

He is also President of the National Council of Economy and Labour (CNEL) and President of the publishing house Le Monnier. He carries out an intense publicity activity as well as being a speaker at the most important conferences and debates concerning the conditions and the lines of development of Italian society.

The motivation for the degree conferred by IULM University reads: "Giuseppe De Rita, secretary general of the Censis Foundation, has been the protagonist for decades of a commitment to weaving and initiative that is experience recognized as highly original and valuable for the national community. His fruitful and incessant work of interpreting social, economic and cultural phenomena, with a wide and growing space of research assigned to the field of communicative processes, has been and is the subject of construction of the categories of reading of social processes and phenomena. Categories that have become indispensable for the activity of the media and for the options of the decision-makers with a particular involvement both of the political-institutional framework objectively helped to know, evaluate and carry out options, and of the subjects of representation helped to make selection and to position themselves in a mature way in the social dialectic. For these precious contributions, the Honorary Degree in Communication Sciences is awarded to Giuseppe De Rita".