Antonio Percassi

Engineer Antonio Percassi - Honorary Degree in Marketing, Consumption and Communication

On Tuesday 29 March, IULM University conferred an honorary Master's degree in Marketing, Consumption and Communication on Antonio Percassi, an eclectic and successful entrepreneur in many commercial and business sectors (retail, real estate, sport), who has distinguished himself in particular for his ability to read and support social phenomena and for his attention to the environmental impact of his initiatives.

"An enthusiast and a visionary, an entrepreneurial figure of international stature," this is how the Rector of the University, Professor Gianni Canova, described Antonio Percassi in the introduction to the honorary degree awarding ceremony. He then cited Luca Ricolfi's La società signorile di massa, in which the sociologist and academic argues that in Italy the number of people who live on income is greater than those who live on work. "It is then the duty of a university to share the story of those who take risks, those who have made their own way, those who have put into practice the so-called 'social elevator', showing their talent and desire to change things."

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