Didactic Support - Head: Giuseppe Vergani

Student secretariat - [email protected]
International Language Centre - [email protected] 
Fees, Grants and Right to Study Office - [email protected]
Statistics, Assessment and Quality Office - [email protected]

Student Services and Internal Communication - Head: Laura Gariboldi

Guidance, mentoring and counselling - [email protected]; [email protected]

Student mobility - [email protected]

Research and laboratories - Head: Vittorio Rizzoli

[email protected]

Human Resources Office - Head: Daniela Scaccia
[email protected]

Office managers

International Affairs and Ranking - Roberto Razeto
[email protected]
[email protected]

Institutional Affairs - Giuseppina Mastro
[email protected]

Library - Emanuela Costanzo
bibliot[email protected]

Careers Service and relations with companies - Cristina Sottotetti

[email protected]; [email protected]

Accounting, budget and management control - Mattia Cattaneo

Accounting and budget - [email protected]

Purchasing office  [email protected]

Management - Stefano Vivenzio
[email protected]

IULM Communication School - Alessia Scordo
[email protected]

Rome office -  Marta Rovetta
[email protected]

Secretary to the Rector and inter-faculty coordination: Anna Maria Delogu
[email protected]

Communication Office - Marketing and Advertising Sector - dott.ssa Debora Rigato

IT Office - Ing. Marco Negri
[email protected]

Mobility and International Recruitment Office - Alberto Parravicini
[email protected] - [email protected]

Human Resources Office - Contracts and Careers Management - Marco Cusa
[email protected]

Fees, grants and right to study - Valentina Grassano
[email protected]

Technical Office - arch. Massimiliano Prete
[email protected]

Research and Laboratories Office - Stefano Florio
[email protected]

Statistics, Evaluation and Quality Office - Luisa Ricca
[email protected]

Press Office - Elisa Pasino
[email protected] - Press Office

Honorary Administrative Director -  Elia Santangelo
[email protected]