FAO - Cooperation Agreement

The FAO, an acronym for Food and Agriculture Organization, is a specialised institute of the United Nations with the aim of contributing to raising levels of nutrition, increasing agricultural productivity, improving the lives of rural populations and contributing to global economic growth in the area.
In line with the policies of awareness raising on food and food security at global level initiated by IULM University, a cooperation agreement with FAO has been implemented with the following objectives

  • Development of ad hoc programmes on topics related to the FAO mission, i.e. the future of food and food security.
  • Within these programmes, the possibility of collaborating in the design and development of an FAO e-learning platform was foreseen;
  • Involvement and direct participation of FAO in research projects related to the themes included in the programme as well as in related thesis projects;
  • Organization of dedicated events in partnership with IULM.

To date, FAO has already collaborated in the implementation of the International Winter School on Food Safety, Sustainable Development and Behavioural Change.