Master in Italy at IULM

Italy plays, nowadays, an important role in European higher education: it is one of the four countries that first engaged to create the "European Area of Higher Education" and the education reform known as "Bologna Process" which, is being implemented all over Europe. With its 89 university institutions Italy represents the ideal place for foreign students who want to live, study in a modern country and attend a master in Italy.

Within all main Italian cities, Milan is surely one of the most active and vibrant and it is the ideal place for young people or professionals who want to broaden their knowledge. As international city, Milan can offer students lots of master degree programs and great academic and career opportunities as far as student associations and a wider choice of cultural and fun activities.

IULM Campus

IULM University, the second private University in Milan, is a very modern study centre with innovative facilities: a university campus where training, research, services and interpersonal relationships blend in complete harmony. IULM University offers a contemporary and thorough approach to Communication and to International topics.

Built in the style of American campuses, the main building houses a reception desk, students’ admin. Offices, the Dean’s Office and the Heads of Department Offices, the Library and classrooms. New buildings have recently been added to house a canteen catering for approximately 400 people, a building destined to the Research Institutes, an auditorium and a residence for undergraduates, visiting professors and researchers.
Interesting and challenging new expansion projects have been undertaken to create new spaces for future activities.
The traditional limits of master university education are simply not acceptable at IULM. In addition to extending its presence in the business world, the institute is now also enlarging its centre in Milan pushing out the University’s boundaries in order to encourage greater and greater integration throughout Italy.

IULM History

Since 1968, when the University Institute for Modern Languages (IULM) was founded in Milan by Senior Professor Carlo Bo and Professor Silvio Baridon, the inspiring idea of the project has been to meet the labour market’s future needs by analysing the present and studying ongoing trends.

Initially, this meant focusing on the study of languages – the sine qua non for becoming a part of an increasingly European framework. Things have changed over the years and it has become crucial to learn how to use specific communication tools. To meet this need, the university’s training opportunities and its facilities have been renewed and upgraded. It was a courageous development, in line with the principles that led IULM to change its identity and update all its syllabuses, closing the courses that had made the institute’s history, introducing new syllabuses and modifying the university’s charter and name.
Introduced in 1998, the denomination IULM University of Languages and Communication bears out the institution’s two-fold vocation of teaching languages as well as communication. This is the core principle of the institute’s range of training opportunities.