Study tour program


Study Tour Program *

(MICRI, 8° edition, May 2014)

The Study Tour of MICRI, 8° edition, took place from April 26th  to May 4th, in Washington DC and New York. 33 students attended the Study Tour, with intensive classes within international universities, organizations and private companies.

April 26th - April 30th : WASHINGTON DC

SATURDAY, April 26th: departure from Milan and arrival in Washington DC

SUNDAY, April 27th : Opening Briefing and guided City Tour in Washington DC

MONDAY, April 29th

MORNING: Academic Lecture on Lobbying Stategy, at American University

Lectures: Prof. James Thurber (Distinguished Professor of Government and Director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, CCPS); Prof. Dotty Lynch (Director, MA in Political Communication)

Lecture on lobbying strategy and instruments, with class exercise on a specific and real case study.

AFTERNOON: Meeting at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC

Lectures: Cons.Luca Gori; Cons. Carlo Romeo; Alessandro Cattaneo; Dott. Andrea Sandre.

Meeting aimed at getting a better understanding on the diplomatic function of the embassy, with diplomatic representatives of different areas, public diplomacy and media; politic affairs economic affairs; cultural promotion.Introduction of the new field of the Twidiplomacy.

EVENING: Meeting with the Italian financial and economic community in DC, with Lecture on a specific topic

Lecturer: Dott.Oscar Bartoli; Dott. Ali Safayan (relatore)

During dinner, the students had the opportunity to meet with members of the Italian community in Washington and attend the lesson "Exporting the American Dream," Dr. Ali Safayan.

TUESDAY, April 29th

MORNING: Workshop on Corporate Communication, at Weber & Shandwick.

Lecturers: Michael Stopford (Executive Vice President and global corporate strategist), Gregory Price (Director, Powell Tate), Rachel Ryan (Media Relations), Mark Misaki (Digital Team); Maggie McEvoy (Assistant Account Executive at Powell Tate)

Workshop aimed at understanding the functioning of a Multinational Communication Agency, through the testimonies of Area Manager from different departments: corporate communication, media relations, web and digital communication.

AFTERNOON: Workshop on lobbying in the US, at Longworth House Office Building

Lecturer: Jim Fabiani (Chairmain Fabiani &Co), Alexander Botting (Lobbyist at Fabiani and Co)

Workshop aimed at enhancing the lobbying insights, already examined during the Master classes at IULM university, during the year, through the testimony of a lobbying professional and role plays on the spot.

WEDNESDAY, April 30th

MORNING: Workshop on Development Communication, at the World Bank

Lecturers: Daniel Amponsah (Communication Associate , External and Corporate Relations); Lucia Grenna (Sr. Communications Officer and Program Manager); Karla J. McEvoy (Senior Protection Specialist - Latin America and Caribbean); Piero Cipollone (Direttore Esecutivo per l’Italia, Portogallo, Grecia, Albania, Grecia, Albania, Malta, San Marino, Timor-Leste); Connect 4Climate team.

Workshop on the role of World Bank, with focus on the Development Communication issue.
During the meeting MICRI students presented the findings of the research they did, during the MA classes at IULM, on the Climate Change and Sustainable Fashion Issue, to the Connect 4Climate team.

AFTERNOON: Trasfer to New York by bus

April 30th –May 4th : NEW YORK


MORNING: Academic Lecture on Corporate Communication (Advanced Module), Baruch College

Lecturer: Prof. Michael Goodman (Professor and Director of the MA in Corporate Communication at Baruch College)

Meeting aimed at getting new strategic insights on Corporate Communication, in order to improve the concepts already examined during the Master classes at IULM university, with a lecture and an exercise session on a specific case study.

AFTERNOON: Visit at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York

Lecturer: Dr. Fabio Troisi

Visit to to the Italian Istitute with lecture on the role and on the cultural activities

FRIDAY, May 2nd

MORNING: Lecture with UN speakers, United Nations

Lecturer: Stephanie Bunker (H); Mohammed Abdelaziz (Peacekeeping)

Meeting aimed at getting a better understanding on the role of the United Nation, with focus on Human Rights and Peacekeeping.

AFTERNOON: Meeting at the Italian Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

: Prof. Salvatore Zappalà

Meeting aimed at getting a better understanding on the diplomatic function of the Mission, in its relation to UN. Focus on the Media Communication strategy and  on the new field of the Twidiplomacy.

SATURDAY, May 3th : Final Briefing and return to Italy on May, 4th.

*This program refers to MICRI Study Tour 2014. The activity schedule could be slightly modified, depending on organizational needs