Master Objective

The Master in “Communication for International Relations” (MICRI) is an unique post graduate program in Italy, as it aims to fill the gap in the field of intercultural communication education within the European academic scenario.
MICRI turns to students who have a special flair for communication and interpersonal relationships and who are also interested in politics, economics and multicultural processes:

The Master in “Communication for international relations” is a one year postgraduate degree course which aims to:

  • Develop a critical and analytical understanding of the new global context, by examining current globalization trends, with relation to the realities offered by media and communication;
  • Offer students a challenging high qualified university environment with a strong link to the national and international communication environment.
  • Offer a cross study approach of different subjects that allow the development of specific interests in the numerous fields of communication;
  • Offer a high level background in order to enter the world of employment in any country of the world;
  • allow the student to be part of an intercultural group of students and lecturers enabling a free and dynamic exchange of ideas;
  • Introduce students to high level national and international careers.

A basic requirement for all international students, in order to be admitted to an Italian University Master Course, is that they hold a college or university degree equivalent to a three-year first level University Italian degree (in Humanistic, Legal, Economic and Social subject) and that have successfully completed the equivalent number of years of education as an Italian graduate: at least 15 years of study (from primary school to university graduation).

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Watch a video of Dott. Massimiliano Falcone, Professor of International Marketing and Advertising at IULM University.


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