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Now at its 14th Edition, the Master Degree Program in Communication for International Relation of IULM University, Milan, rates rates international and italian students, who, after graduation, started their job career in the international communication field, in Italy or abroad

MICRI’s student’s statements, about their MA experience and their actual job.

MICRI ALUMNI from 2006

Josiane El Khoury

Josiane El Khoury
a.y. 2012/2013

My MICRI experience was unforgettable. Thanks to the high qualified professors and through the different didactic modules, I completed my academic path as best I could.  Trought the laboratories direct experience I got to know during the year, which type of path was most suitable for me. The Study Tour in the United States was particularly important to widen my knowledge and to see with my own eyes how the business world really works “on the other side of the ocean”.
Today, after the internship I got thanks to Master MICRI, I work for a big NGO, where every day I still work, learn and adopt what I learned during the MICRI.
Michela Pichereddu
Michela Pichereddu
Micri 5th,
a.y. 2010/2011
My name is Michela Pichereddu and I attended the fifth edition of the Master in Communication for International Relations - MICRI (2010/2011).

At the end of the course I had the opportunity to do an internship of six months abroad, in Brussels, at a communications agency - Minerva Consulting & Communication, specialized in communication research and in the promotion of the projects financed by the European Union. In Brussels, I could do an educational experience and, thanks to the Master, I put into practice the skills acquired, especially those related to communication strategies, new media, international relations and lobbying.

After the internship, I remained  in Brussels and now it is five years that I work for the same Communication Agency. I manage different communication activities (production of communication material, website and social media communication, events and conferences, reports with the media) for European research projects. In my job, I daily apply the knowledge acquired during the Master: the lectures combined with presentations and daily teamworks in the English language prepared me for a professional inclusion in the European reality of Brussels.

The class activities have been the main reasons why I choose MICRI, as I could combine lectures with hands-on activities, also in English, with the opportunity to have an experience of real value abroad.
Mattia Sperotto,
Micri 5th,
a.y. 2010/2011
Post Card Sperotto
Antonio Fracas,
Micri 4th,
a.y. 2009/2010

Alice Farella,
Micri 4th,
a.y. 2009/2010
Paolo Bennardo,
Micri 4th,
a.y. 2009/201
David Arcifa
David Arcifa,
Micri 1st,
a.y. 2006/2007
My name is David Arcifa, I have attended MICRI master at its first edition at IULM University in Milan. Now, I can say many features have made it a very positive experience. The course contents were relevant and work-oriented, the international professionals and the specialists gave their own account, the professors’ team, the skills learned during the lectures were practically used for setting up challenging working and studying methodology thought a very proficient team work.

After an internship period in New York, I have been working 4 years in Nestlé Italia as CRM & Digital Communication Specialist. Actually, I live and work in Geneva and I work in the Social Media & CRM department of MSC Cruises. I’m really glad to be able to in practice the know-how and the skills I have learned during MICRI, especially at a communication and marketing level.
Caroline Keller
Caroline Keller,
Micri 1st,
a.y. 2006/2007
My name is Caroline Keller, I’m a television journalist and reporter for a Brazilian TV Station, “TV Record”, a leader TV in Brazil, among the most popular TV stations of Latin America. I attended the first part of the MICRI: it was a challenge for IULM University, and particularly for me. I have always dreamt to specialize in a foreign university. I’ve chosen Italy because the Master’s degree in International Communication of the IULM university was the most suitable for my inspirations and needs.

The motivation that prompted me to make the choice of MICRI was the possibility to gain knowledge for a career as an international journalist or an expert in the field of development communication. The MICRI has provided me the know-how and all the knowledge I needed to take up an international career. One of the most important and fascinating master’s degree experiences was the internship at the Inter Press Service in New York. It is the most important United Nations Press agency - and I was there as assistant of the editor - coordinating 390 journalists coming from all the world. During my work experience, I had the opportunity to both put my acquired competences into practice, and even organize a journalism international congress. Even now, if I think back to the master’s degree, I can say Italy is in my heart and MICRI in my mind.


Elena Manca
Micri XI


"Exactly one year ago I started my internship in Publicis Media as a programmatic campaign manager, I was not sure what my job title meant, not even the direction my life was taking! When I started the MICRI Master I thought that I knew exactly what I wanted to become, but in the end I put everything into question: this is what makes the master, beyond the didactic and the team works: the master obliges you to question yourself, it pushes you to evaluate other perspectives, it pushes you to ask yourself what you really want and lets you know professionals who can inspire you along your path .. I never thought that my future would have bennfull of data: I wanted to work in the world of international cooperation and I found myself analyzing the behavior of online users for advertising purposes .. who would have said that this technological and digital world would have loved me so much! I spent a year in Publicis Media, to whom I will never be grateful enough for everything that taught me, how to fly to start a new international experience in perhaps the most famous Tech company. I will work in Google at EMEA Dublin as Media Buying Account Manager for the Italian market. I could not be more satisfied with the professional path I am undertaking and I hope this is only the beginning! To all the guys who will start this path I would like to say: do yourself and ask many questions during the Master's course, ask for advice, question yourself: do not be afraid of the future! Change your mind, challenge your beliefs, there will come a time when you will look behind you and everything you have built will make sense and you will be proud of the young professionals you are becoming. "


Francesco Rocchi
Micri X


The MICRI Master allowed me to fulfill my dream and work in an international reality like the Council of Europe. This occasion came after months of lessons, projects and debates; months during which I had the good fortune to meet professionals and professors, coming from environments of excellence of all those that are the nuances of the world of communication and international relations, lent themselves to share experiences and knowledge with us. Months in which I was also fortunate to be in constant contact with people with multiple experiences, academic paths, as well as geographical origins. After the period spent in France in Strasbourg, I am now in Milan and I am part of the Group EU International Affairs & Media for the Generali Group. The knowledge learned during the MICRI Master and the interpersonal relationships created during this wonderful experience, help me day after day. The MICRI Master has provided me w the means to achieve increasingly less distant goals and the passion for what I do to never stop me.


Gabriele La Porta 


I decided to enroll in the Master Micriafter some work experience followed by a three-year degree. In the classroom I experienced extremely intense moments, learning a lot from my classmates, who, coming from different places and formations, enriched my vision and contributed to my approach to society, the world of work and interpersonal relationships. The teachers were fundamental, professionals of the highest level who brought their work experience to the classroom and who with great humility put themselves at our service, trying to pass on all their know-how and their advice to succeed in the modern world of work. . Once the lessons were finished I started an internship at Kaspersky Lab Italia, a Russian multinational that produces and sells what are considered among the best computer security software in the world. Here, for one year, I worked in the Marketing division, where in the dedicated team I worked to support B2B and B2C channels in the development and management of web, social and territorial communication strategies and campaigns, events and in general to all activities related to the role. For about 8 months I am Product Development Marketing Account at YKK Italia, the Italian subsidiary of the YKK Group, a Japanese global leader in the production of zippers, buttons and other closure accessories for all the major brands in the fashion industry. Here, within the Product Marketing team, we take care of developing all the customized projects for our top customers, starting from the first draft of the drawing, then passing through the entire planning phase of the production and supply of raw materials, the forecasts sales and stock management, up to the sale of the final product, ready to be assembled on bags and clothes that we wear every day. It seems like yesterday, but 2 years have passed since the end of the MICRI, and this is still just the beginning !! Looking back, I am increasingly convinced that I have made the best choice for my professional career.


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