MICRI International Students

Since its first edition the Master in International Communication (MICRI) has involved students coming from many different international countries.

International students from the main European countries, such as Spain, Finland, France and from Non - European Countries, as Brazil, Russia, India, Kazakistan, Venezuela, Colombia, Cile, Indonesia and Israel.

Master MICRI aims at training international communication professionals, highly specialized and cosmopolites, by encouraging and developing linguistic and intercultural skills, key elements in facing international business contests.

International Students International Students
International Students MICRI International Students

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With this purpose, MICRI offers an international study environment , with multi-cultural classes, which progress rapidly, stimulated by the cross-cultural comparison and interchange, such achieving the ambitious learning targets of the educational programme.

In a country where the culture of hospitality and welcome has very old roots, MICRI students live their own Master experience in a multicultural, stimulating and dynamic context.