IULM flow Talk 56: Empower Leadership: Creative and Critical thinking perspective

Internazionale - Data pubblicazione 07 maggio 2024 - Data evento 09 maggio 2024

Il 9 maggio si terrà il 56° appuntamento con i Talk di IULM Flow

Talk 56

  • Date: May 9th, at 5.00p.m
  • Place: Room 123 (IULM 1)
  • Title: Empower Leadership: Creative and Critical thinking perspective.
  • Guest: Dr. Stefano Zordan (Co-Founder Adriano Olivetti Leadership Institute)
  • Moderator: Prof. Francesco Galli + Leadership and Creative Thinking future Talents

This new special FLOW Talk from IULM aims to understand, reflect upon, and address with critical thinking how the discipline of "Leadership and Creative Thinking" is tackling the global challenges by exploring all innovative, unusual, and disruptive approaches, methods, visions, experiments, and ideas generated in these times of uncertainty and opportunity.

The concept of leadership is one that inherently holds positive value linked to its etymology, to the concept of activation and motivation, but it also carries with it negative values typical of the political-cultural stratification that over the centuries has been associated with the etymology of the word itself. Rather than emphasizing the understanding of the "revolution of the creative leader" in terms of a breakthrough, we have suggested in this conversation that education in creativity and critical thinking can benefit from shifting the focus from expressing creativity through efficient actions to teaching younger generations how to preserve resources and adopt a leadership attitude.

In times of redefinition of paradigms in many fields, uncertainty brings with it the opportunity for change. In this context, the exercise of leadership becomes crucial to facilitate adaptation. What is the role of creativity in this process? Can the learning of leadership be designed? We will delve into these and other topics thanks to the intervention of Dr. Stefano Zordan, Co-Founder of the Adriano Olivetti Leadership Institute.

Stefano Zordan, from Ivrea, is a graduate in Political Science from Harvard University, where he learned the practice of Adaptive Leadership directly from its founders, for whom he worked as a teaching assistant. Coming back to Italy, he started spreading this framework by editing La Pratica della Leadership Adattiva (2018). He is also the founder of "Sistema Italia", the community of Adaptive Leadership practitioners.