Telling the story of Milan

Simona Moretti
Title book

Year 2018

Telling the story of Milan: art, architecture, media and the market. Illustrated edition.

Telling the story of Milan
The volume is the result of a research project of the "Giampaolo Fabris" Department of Communication, Arts and Media of IULM University entitled "Milan told through the eyes of others". The 'other' is represented by those who are foreign, so to speak, to the city, but also by those who are different from us. Grasping its story means generating another one, in a process that has no end and that hides its deep and intrinsic vitality in this very process. The characteristic of the writings gathered here is the 'polyphony'. The paths of analysis and research proposed by the authors lead in many directions, but all start from the same point: Milan. Historians and critics of art, cinema, television, architects and economists have illustrated more or less well-known works and aspects of the city, with in-depth and unprecedented views. The volume concludes with a didactic project led by Gianluigi Colin and Adriano D'Aloia, who guided the students of the course in Theory and Technique of Photography at the Faculty of Arts, Tourism and Markets at IULM in a small challenge: to tell the story of Milan through the medium of photography. The beautiful narration in images, which has gradually taken shape, appears here in a selection of works, which have revealed a relationship with the city that is complex and never trivial. A tale of others.