Italian poetry of the 2000s

Paolo Giovannetti
Title book

Year 2017

A reading path

Italian poetry of the 2000s

"It is still being written": this was how, in the 1960s, Vittorio Sereni expressed his astonishment at the survival, the enduring privilege of poetry. Half a century later, we should perhaps say "It is still being read." Despite the too many trivialities around the crisis of Italian poetry and its poor visibility, this genre is able to resist and renew itself. The many voices that invert the poetic follow a very original media path, all the more precious because they are made within the world of transmediality. Valuing its ability to blend in with the language of all, poetry performs perhaps crucial tasks: reminding us of the fragility of the aesthetic experience, and at the same time claiming readers who know how to enter texts with different tools from those that tradition (even of the twentieth century) has left us in inheritance.