Italian and modern contemporary literature

Paolo Giovannetti
Title book

Year 2016

Study Guide

Italian and modern contemporary literature

The volume attempts to respond to the problems of university study in a thematic and methodological way. From the history of language to the history of criticism, from philology to the way of understanding currents and movements, down to the forms of poetry and narrative: first of all, the main issues related to literary modernity, to its difficulty in imposing itself on the Italian domain, as well as to its problematic discolouring in the presence of an intrusive postmodernism or a more discreet postmodernism, are set out. Moreover, even though this book does not have the audacity to proclaim itself "on the student's side", it tries not to deviate too much from the needs, sensibilities and real awareness of those who study at the university today. It tries to be a bit less distant, in other words, from the skills of its recipient: from the skills that characterize a young person just out of secondary school, which it is desirable that a coherently mass university really begins to face.