2014 Academy of Management Meeting

An article by Salvatore Sciascia and Pietro Mazzola of the IULM University included in the "Best Paper Proceedings"

Salvatore Sciascia and Pietro Mazzola have received recognition from the scientific committee of the forthcoming Academy of Management Meeting (Philadelphia, 1-5 August).

On the basis of the judgement of three blind reviewers, the scientific committee has judged their article one of the best accepted works and, for this reason, it will be published in the "Best Paper Proceedings".

The paper is entitled Are They All Alike? Heterogeneity of Family Owners' Goals and P-P Agency Costs in Private Firms" and shows how the dynamics of corporate resources and performance are strongly influenced by the different types of objectives that owner families show that they have.

The research was conducted in collaboration with Alfredo De Massis (University of Lancaster), Josip Kotlar (University of Lancaster) and Tommaso Minola (University of Bergamo).

Salvatore Sciascia and Pietro Mazzola also received this award in 2011 with the paper "Entrepreneurial Orientation, Generational Involvement and Participative Strategy in Family Firms", written with Francesco Chirico (University of Jonkoping) and David Sirmon (University of Washington), subsequently revised and published in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, a Level-1 scientific journal.