Neuroscience applied to selling: neuroselling for an innovative perspective of research and application for companies

Head: Vincenzo Russo, Daniela Corsaro, Francesco Massara

Year 2019

The project aims to strengthen sales skills through the integration of models of analysis of sales dynamics according to traditional theories and with the new skills developed by neuroscience.

The neuroscientific techniques make it possible, in fact, to analyze the emotional dynamics underlying bargaining in both B2B and B2C context. Neuroscience can be applied to a variety of fields and, in the marketplace as a whole, allows us to understand what happens to the brain in response to stimuli, to understand what strategy leads to the decision. These techniques, focused on the interpretation of reality based on cognitive patterns and experienced emotions (Cocco, 2016), can be applied to all communication exchanges.

For this reason, this approach also measures elements related to involvement or stress, functional to changing the objectives of the parties involved.
With respect to selling, the project refers to the process of Sales Transformation (Corsaro, 2018) that leads companies to rethink the role of sales, in a human/client-centered dimension. While in the past there was a widespread logic that saw commercial figures in industrial contexts as rational, over time, emotional factors have taken on greater significance in the effectiveness of the sale, requiring greater understanding and management. Sales agents are therefore observed as people with moods and emotions that are poured onto the subjects with whom they come into contact, in addition to pressure and stress factors that affect the emotional and decision-making processes.