The level of maturity of models for measuring the results of business communication in Italy

Head: Stefania Romenti

Year 2019

The measurement of results has been a very important topic for professionals and scholars in business communication and public relations for over 60 years. Numerous models have been developed although, to date, there is no standard and there are still many questions that professionals are unable to answer and many gaps that need to be filled. The measurement of communication results is divided into two levels: a training level, to help professionals improve the communication processes developed, and a summation level to measure the impact that communication has on business performance. There are European (European Communication Monitor, 2018) and American studies that monitor what communication professionals measure and how they do it, even with respect to the two levels of measurement mentioned above, the training and summation levels.

The theme is also very relevant in Italy and IULM is recognized as the university that has a specific know-how on this issue. The objective of the project is to develop a survey that measures the level of maturity of measurement processes in Italian companies. A questionnaire will be developed to be submitted to a sample (of convenience) of companies and the results will be commented by experts in the field, as well as disseminated through events and publications.