Communication Observatory: the recorded music, books and cinema sectors

Head: Antonella Ardizzone

Year 2018

The objective of the project is the preparation of a publication (book) that, following the same scheme of analysis used in the Department's 2017 project on the newspaper, TV and radio sectors, shows the relevant characters and the current situation of some markets of the creative industries: recorded music, books and cinema.

The chapters of the book on the communication sectors will analyze the size, structural and economic characteristics of the sectors, supply and demand, technological and digital developments, the strategies of the main operators and, of course, the overall performance of the individual industries. The study is of an economic nature, but it will overlook neither the changes relating to the fruition of users with regard to the classical means nor even the aspects of regulation and policy.

The project seeks to enter into a cycle of study of communication in Italy. IULM University is the leader in Italy for the teaching of communication and also oversees research and other forms of study, monitoring Italy's communication, cultural and creative industries.We believe that this is interesting both for professionals and for the third mission.