Report on internal communication in Italian companies. Communication and organisational relations for competitive advantage

Head: Alessandra Mazzei

Year 2017

The project was carried out by the 2018-2020 Working Group of the Centre for Employee Relations and Communication (CERC), in partnership with the CCI at Baruch College/CUNY and with the support of the "Carlo A.. Ricciardi" LECB Business Department of the IULM University.

The project produced the Report on the state of internal communication in large companies in Italy, mapping the communication, relational and interactive processes that take place in organizations both through strategic communication tools and initiatives, and through interpersonal relationships between managers and employees and between colleagues. It also focused on the use of social media within companies.

The measurement tool and the results produced represent a tool for benchmarking the state of internal communication:

  • between companies
  • in time
  • between countries