Milan and memory: destruction, reconstruction, recovery

Head: Paolo Giovannetti

Year 2019

The research aims to tell the story of Milan and its memory, with particular regard to the period of post-war reconstruction.

Memory is hidden in matter, in signs, in words, in the human mind. It can be anywhere: in a monument or in a ruin, in a sculpture or in a painting, in a religious or civil feast, in a photograph, in a film, in a novel, in a poem, in a diary, in a song, in an individual memory.

The theme, broad and complex, revolves around three key words: destruction, reconstruction, recovery. The focus is, inevitably, multidisciplinary and the contributions of the participants range from literature to sociology, from public archaeology to art history, from history to philosophy, from fashion to cinema to economics

Memory is fundamental for the identity of a city, those who live there and its guests. Read and look to understand.