New Galeotto Theatre

Head: Valentina Garavaglia

Year 2017

The aim of the project is to finance an international study day at Bollate Prison aimed at eliciting:
  • an analysis of the state of the art related to the non-formal activities that take place inside the prison, with particular attention to theatre activities;
  • an analysis of the audience prepared to participate in experiences of social theatre.

The first part of the day includes a round table with the leading figures in social theatre who work within the Theatre and Prison Coordination. The second part, a training school for students of the University IULM who, together with the prisoner-actors of the prison of Bollate coordinated by Michelina Capato Sartore of the e.s.t.i.a. cooperative, will create a mise en espace that will take place in the prison theatre.

This activity, it is hoped, can trigger a reflection on the specificity and possible usefulness of a series of social theater activities proposed within the homes of imprisonment, activities that will be addressed in a multiprospective key (psychological, philosophical, sociological, historical-theatrical, economic) and in relation to the impact of training.

The work was carried out as planned:

  1. The study day on 9 November 2017 was organized at the Bollate Prison in collaboration with e.s.t.i.a. cooperative, the staff of Bollate Prison, the staff of Lombardy Region, the president of Italy's Theatre and Prison Coordination, Milan's Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the University of Milan and the University of Bologna.
  2. The training school for students of IULM, Università Cattolica and University of Milan, together with the prisoners, took place on 9 November 2017 at Bollate Prison.
  3. Together with colleagues Bustreo and Scramaglia, a system of evaluation of the activities proposed to the prisoners, actors and the public was developed thanks to the survey conducted following the activities of 9 November 2017.
The video and printed materials for dissemination of the initiative have been created and uploaded to the portal of the Lombardy Region.