National edition of the Works of Aldo Moro. Critical and commented edition of volume IV, part I: At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in opposition within in the party (June 1968-June 1973)

Head: Guido Formigoni

Year 2018

The project consists in the preparation of the volume of Aldo Moro's writings and political speeches relating to the period June 1968-June 1973, linked to the battle of opposition within the Christian Democrats and to the office of Foreign Minister held by the Apulian statesman. The work was conducted in close contact with the scientific committee of the National Edition of writings and according to the format provided by the digital publisher of the volume. The aim was then to collect the relative texts (completing the existing collections with any unpublished ones), verify them on the originals where possible, build a critical apparatus of contextualization and appropriate introductions to all the texts. For this reason, expertise has been enhanced in the field of Catholic-democratic political culture, the Italian history of the time and international political events.