Fashion Centre (FaCe)

Head: Vanni Codeluppi

Year 2017

The research project won the "Smart Fashion and Design" call from the Lombardy Region, which uses European Union funds and aims to finance projects capable of stimulating the growth and innovation of Lomardy's small and medium-sized businesses active in the fashion and design supply chains. This is why the IULM University teaching staff's project was presented together with two companies operating in the field of business consulting: Azatec and Sys-Dat.

The project was born from the awareness that companies in the fashion and design sector need to have useful tools in the process of creating products with a high level of innovation, but also able to be in harmony with social trends and consumption. It thus focuses on the creation of a fashion research centre called FaCe (Fashion Centre) in which materials and information from numerous sources are collected. The main objective is to facilitate the collection, organization and integration of information so that this can be an effective stimulus for the development of creative processes within companies.

The Centre has its own physical headquarters at the University IULM and will provide companies interested with a specific digital platform that organizes and presents all the information collected over time. And it will also develop for each company specific computer programmes that can enable them to do customized research for particular needs.