Master's & Executive Education

Master's Executive Dubbing, Adaptation and Translation of Cinematographic Works

Scientific Director: Prof. Gianni Canova

Head of teaching: Carlo Cosolo - Gian Paolo Gasperi

Master's & Executive Education

Master's ExecutiveDubbing, Adaptation and Translation of Cinematographic Works

Scientific Director: Prof. Gianni Canova

Head of teaching: Carlo Cosolo - Gian Paolo Gasperi

The Executive Master in "Dubbing, Adaptation and Translation of Cine-television Works" trains professionals of cine-television and video-gaming adaptation. The teaching method includes many exercises, workshops and meetings with experts and actors, who will actively contribute to students professional competences growth.

The Master's course will be structured in the following teaching modules:

  • The professional figures: Assignment of work, Publishing company, Translator, Adaptor, Assistant, Director, Dubbing technician, Dubber, Synchronizers, Mixing technician.
  • The corresponding supply chain: Distribution, Adaptation, Dubbing, Mixing.
  • Technique of cine-television adaptation.
    The main subject, the heart of the course. This will be the main course that will alternate with other subjects of a more formative/informative nature.
    In this course will be taught the basics of a method that will be practiced on a weekly basis in two phases: adaptation of scenes of films/TV series, followed by assessment with the class and the teacher, to get to the practical application, in the room with professional dubbers. This basically constitutes a simulation of the whole process that actually takes place in the dubbing profession.
  • Translation concepts
    Translation, as a contact and exchange between language systems, is a practical and theoretical question of great importance for comparatists. Translating means, above all, transferring thoughts and conceptions of the world from one culture to another. Every form of interpretation is an act of translation. Translation is also the useful grounds for the meeting of different cultures. Translations of a certain text into several languages connect individuals who are not aware of one of the languages.
  • Notions of video game localization
    Locating texts within a video game, scripts and dialogues is a job that requires precise study. The term "localization" does not simply mean the translation of audio, video or textual material present in a game, but a real work of complete adaptation on all fronts. Localizing means adapting the content of a product to the context in which it will be published. Not only, therefore, a suitable translation to capture the sense of the original expression, but also a series of cultural, expressive and sometimes artistic changes representative of the place of sale or distribution so as to bring the player into a virtual world more and more similar to their own in order to increase the sense of immersion.
  • Notions of subtitling
    Subtitles are not, as some may think, the alternative to dubbing, or at least not only. Even within dubbed films, there can be subtitles, such as in documentaries or events of any kind. Moreover, like lip adaptation, the subtitle is not a simple translation and has its own rules. Having the basis to understand how to move in this area too can be fundamental.
  • Notions of cine-television publishing: a meeting with professionals who handle the edition for film distributions and/or publishing companies who work in the dubbing sector.



Duration of Classes

4 months








3/6 optional

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