Mygrants is a for-profit digital company aiming to support immigrants in social integration. In this perspective, the first app based on adaptive microlearning and thematic quizzes was especially designed to provide various services to immigrants, including: information, training, and career placement. Mygrants’s mission can therefore be described as the best possible use of technology to transform the migration phenomenon into a huge social and economic opportunity for both immigrants and host communities.

The main goals of the projects are:

  • validate background experience and tailor-made skills development;
  • speed up asylum procedures and reduce public expenses;
  • relocate asylum seekers and status holders based on available skills and market shortages;
  • fill European labour market shortages in a targeted way;
  • build higher trust between immigrants and banks, insurances, householders, etc.;
  • increase net remittance flows from Europe to the Countries of origin;

The project has proven to be an excellent means of integration and social inclusion. So far Mygrants has helped 103.000 Trainees, 12.000 of which are from Africa, mainly Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, and Nigeria.

In this context IULM, in line with its ideals of inclusion and fight against inequalities, collaborates with Mygrants to promote the work of the platform through several initiatives, one of which the  IULM Flow Talk 10 - Opportunity in Adversity: Migration and Global Business