Working Group Employee Communication (2016-2018)

A partnership initiative by IULM University and a group of companies 
in the field of employee communication (2016-2018)


Objectives 2016-2018
  • Doing a research on the topic “Employee engagement in Italian companies”
  • Developing and disseminating culture for communication and organizational relationship management
  • Promoting knowledge exchange between IULM University and companies
  • Sustaining research that is:
    - relevant for companies to support the development of innovative management practices
    - consistent with sound scientific criteria
The research
“Employee engagement in Italian companies”
  • A survey on a sample of 375 companies, statistically representative of Italian industrial and service companies with more than 500 employees included in the Mediobanca 2015 list.
  • A survey on a snowball sample of 147 employees
  • 10 Interviews with experts in the field of employee engagement
  • 13 case histories
Evolution: Centre for Employee Relations & Communication
  • The Centre for Employee Relations & Communication (CERC) continues the activity of the Working Group Employee Communication.
  • The CERC is a permanent initiative instituted at the Department of Business, Law, Economics and Consumer Behaviour “Carlo A. Ricciardi”
  • The CERC includes a two-year multi-company Working Group
Partners 2016-2018

Scientific Committee

Luca Pellegrini,

Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising and Full Professor of Marketing, IULM University (President)

Finn Frandsen,

Director Centre for Corporate Communication, Aarhus University, Denmark

Michael Goodman,

Director Corporate Communication International, Baruch College/CUNY, USA

Winni Johansen,

Associate Professor and Director Executive Master Corporate Communication, Aarhus University, Denmark

Jeong-Nam Kim,

Gaylord Family Chair di Public Relations/Strategic Communication, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma, USA

Silvia Ravazzani,

Associate Professor of Corporate Communication, Aarhus University, Denmark

Charlotte Simonsson,

Head of Department of Strategic Communication, Lund University, Sweden

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For further information about these studies, please contact: employee.communicat[email protected]


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Right Arrow Team
Alessandra Mazzei

Alessandra Mazzei

Scientific coordinator

Luca Quaratino

Luca Quaratino

Senior researcher

Alfonsa Butera

Alfonsa Butera

Operating coordinator

Chiara Fisichella Chiara Fisichella, Researcher
Valentina Pedrazzini Valentina Pedrazzini, Assistant researcher


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