International Center for Research on Collaborative Translation

International Center for Research on Collaborative Translation


Department of Humanities

Director: Francesco Laurenti

Scientific Committee Chair: Elena Liverani

Scientific Committe:

Susan Bassnett
Laura Brignoli 
Franca Cavagnoli 
Africa Vidal Claramonte 
Isabelle Collombat 
Michael Cronin 
Jorge Diaz-Cintas
Claudio Fantinuoli
Amparo Hurtado Albir 
Francesco Laurenti 
Elena Liverani 
Enrico Monti
Paolo Proietti
Clíona Ní Ríordáin
Marco Sonzogni 
Enrico Terrinoni 
Lawrence Venuti

Scientific Objectives

The Center assumes the role of continuing the mission previously initiated by the international research project “Collaborative Translation: approaches and prospective”, with the purpose of advancing and strengthening the research.  (

The Center, within an interdisciplinary prospective, carries out and coordinates research activity in disciplinarian fields, such as “Translation Studies” and “Interpreting Studies” and is recognized by the international scientific community.

The Center creates a favorable environment towards research and the diffusion of scientific knowledge, selecting scientific methodology suited to the development of innovative contributions.

The Center’s scientific activity aims to: 

  1. Produce essential research that is recognized internationally.
  2. Develop a collaborative and interdisciplinary research approach characterized by strong innovation.
  3. Create a scientific community diffused throughout an international relations network, both on an individual and institutional level. The Center invests with the intent to create partnerships with international programs and other primary research centers, with visiting scholars and visiting students. Furthermore, the Center intends to create research programs aimed at the exchange of knowledge with renowned scholars.
  4. Contribute to the efforts of internationalization made by the Department of Human Studies IULM through the participation of the Center’s pertaining faculty and to place IULM as a recognized scientific leader in the field of “Translation Studies” and “Interpreting Studies”.
  5. Participate in raising funds for research through competitive national and international grant programs and with public and private organizations. 


The research Center promotes activity and projects with the following objectives:

  1. To promote and organize research, scientific dissemination, and documentation in the field of education and training.
  2. To promote and organize team collaboration which includes University faculty and researchers along with external experts in order to establish methods and resources related to collaborative translation.
  3. To promote the internationalization of the Center by fostering relationships with research groups from other universities, associations, national and international institutions, and experts in relevant disciplines.
  4. To experiment and promote highly trained professional paths in the field of collaborative translation.
  5. To disseminate and publicize experiences, studies and experiments carried out.
  6. To promote the educational development around multimedia and e-learning, also through the use of suitable technologies.
  7. To promote curricular and/or thesis internship activities for students involved in IULM master’s degree Course in Specialized Translation and Conference Interpreting as well as for students at partner Universities / Institutes.

More specifically, the Center proposes to: 

  1. Develop scientific research projects focusing on relevant subject matter.
  2. Be responsible for the publications of scientific studies in this field.
  3. Develop research activities applied to educational technologies and media-based communication, as well as the experimentation of new models by carrying out distance learning, communication and multimedia activities, that can be beneficial to companies and institutions, in accordance with the University's development strategies in the field of the “Third Mission”.
  4. Offer support to the entire University/Department, possibly including third parties for the development of audio-visual (broadcasting) and multimedia products with scientific and educational content, including relevant documentation.
  5. Create projects and establish programs aimed at developing new models related to collaborative translation.
  6. Organize projects and implement training programs with particular attention to level III, higher education and continuing education.
  7. Participate in both national and international grant programs and research projects, including in conjunction with other universities and scientific institutions, both Italian and foreign.
  8. Enter into agreements with both Italian and foreign universities as well as scientific institutions.
  9. Carry out scientific research and consultation, within the scope of the Center’s own purposes, which may be of an applied nature and on behalf of third parties as well as at the request of other public or private, national and international bodies and organizations.

The international focus is one of the distinctive features of the “International Center for Research on Collaborative Translation”. Internationalization, in addition to the unique supranational contents of the investigation, will be guaranteed through stakeholder’s involvement, as essential resources for a powerful impact of the research. In fact, the “International Center for Research on Collaborative Translation” proposes to:

  •  Identify and involve stakeholders in the field of translation and linguistic mediation.
  • Explore interests and issues relevant to certain categories of stakeholders.
  • Place itself in networks of international research.
  • Consistently maintain dialogue with stakeholders.
  • Attract job opportunities from Italian and foreign institutions, organizations, and companies.

Methods and research resources 

The Center strengthens an international network of inquiry related to the topics investigated by the research project by promoting seminars, lessons, workshops, and conferences, with the hope of generating an increased awareness of collaborative translation practices not yet organically studied.


The scientific results of the research will be disseminated through seminars and lectures (in Italy and abroad), through international conferences and by means of published articles and volumes.

Specifically, therefore, the Research Center proposes to: 

  • carry out research.
  • publish the results of its research in prestigious journals and international editorial periodicals.
  • not only organize scientific conferences and workshops, but also informative activities.
  • carry out training activities for professional translators, researchers, and students.
  • carry out research projects commissioned by institutions and business entities.


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