Book reviews and beyond

3-5 June 2020


From 3 to 5 June 2020 IULM University hosted the international conference “Book Reviews and Beyond. The Transformations of Literature and Art Criticism in Periodicals Between the 18th and the 21st Century”. The event was held online, with a live streaming on Youtube. The object of the research has been the review form in relation to the field of periodical studies.

IULM University has been collaborating for years with international networks (in particular with ESPRit – European Society for Periodical Research), that study the ways in which the periodicals press took shape from the 17th century onwards, declining in a variety of formats (daily, weekly, monthly, and so on). Research in the field is not limited to the study of "cultural" or "news" magazines, but intends to take into consideration every topic covered by periodicals (for example: fashion, scientific popularization, sport, collecting,. ..).

The three-day conference focused mainly on four areas: literature, theatre, music and cinema, but the themes of communication, history, cultural studies, economics and language equally emerged. There has been a wide variety of approaches, including not only the large institutional issues, but also issues close to the experience of the public (popular music, television, radio).

The conference opened with a keynote speech by Laurel Brake (Birkbeck University of London), a scholar specialised on Victorian periodicals. The other keynote speakers were the digital media scholar Sebastian Domsch (Universität Greifswald), the Italian literature scholar Silvia Contarini (University of Udine) and the historian of film criticism Alberto Pezzotta (IULM University). Also included was a round table on Italian militant criticism and a closing session on the state of the art and current research on review formats. 


Paolo Giovannetti
Andrea Chiurato
Mara Logaldo


Dario Boemia
Stefano Locati
Laura Sica — "Giampaolo Fabris'" Department of Communication, Arts and Media

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