Who we are

Sport in IULM

IULM University recognises the educational relevance of sports for students' personal and professional development. That’s why IULM, through its partnership with the University Sports Centre of Milan (CUS), supports and encourages its students’ active participation in sports activities at both amateur and competitive levels.

Students can participate in the Milan Universities’ Men's and Women's Championships, including footballbasketball and volleyball. During the academic year, there are also opportunities for challenge and growth through recreational sports activities such as running, “snow days”, and beach volleyball tournaments.

Social Media Team Activities

At IULM, we go beyond sport as something that is just played. From 2022, the network of athletes will mix with the academic nature of this university – famous for communication - giving rise to an ambitious project: the iulmsport social media team.

Iulmsport aims to be a place for students to meet up and share and develop new skills. The goal is to give team members - carefully chosen through a selection process - the chance to put into practice their passions for writing, photography and video making, and journalistic communication while creating authentic relationships through the magical world of sport.

If you are interested in taking part in the official teams, participating in sports activities, or trying to join the social media team, you can apply through the "application" section.