MiMoto Smart Mobility

MiMoto is the first all-Italian electric scooter sharing service, with full respect for the environment, with free flow active in the cities of Milan, Turin and Genoa. By downloading the app, you can move around in total freedom to reach the destination you want, reducing travel times in city traffic. The service allows you:

  • free registration
  • the activation of the profile at € 0,02 with 10 minutes of free rental, instead of paying the fee of € 9,90;
  • to subscribe to the service by mail @studenti.iulm.it or @iulm.it with consequent activation of mail account;
  • to take advantage of a discount on the minute, hourly and daily rates of 17% for an unlimited period, going from € 0.26 to € 0.22 euro..

How to use the service:

  • register at this link using the university email @studenti.iulm.it

To activate the 17% discount + 10 minutes bonus

  • enter in-app the promo-code mimotoiulm