Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring aims to support new students during the delicate period of integration into academic life

A task force of senior students offering a range of support activities and services for all students.

The service provided is a system of student-to-student listening which offers:

  • advice on study from a perspective other than that of the teacher;
  • structured opportunities for aggregation and integration into life on the Campus;
  • suggestions for developing more effective study habits;
  • advice for orientation between the different proposals offered by the University and help in integrating them into a personal learning project.

The Peer Tutors are available during the opening hours of the Freshers Office and by appointment to:

  • provide personal assistance to overcome difficulties settling in and facing a new study environment;
  • suggest ways of filling gaps in knowledge, in close collaboration with the teachers;
  • prepare work plans and study methods (organisation of study times and priorities);
  • advise on the organisation of lesson attendance, the study plan, and preparation for exams;
  • provide support in identifying study methods for preparing particularly challenging exams

For further information or to request an appointment:
[email protected] Tel
. 02 891412333