Stress-Free Bachelor's Degree Seminar

"How do I choose the subject of my thesis?" "How do I write it?" "I don't know how to start: what do I do?" Or, "Is it better to write a thesis in the library or in the field?" Or, "What do I have to do to avoid anxiety attacks in front of the exam board?"

The answers to all these questions will come during the Stress-free Bachelor's degree seminar, offered to students and undergraduates of all degree courses, which aims to:
- summarize in a practical way strategies and ways to find the information we need for the thesis, and to know how to communicate it in the best possible way;
- consolidate the main skills of organizing time and priorities in the management of work;
- promote a specific competence in the field of written communication;
- develop effective communication techniques on a presentation and discussion level, with special attention to scientific information.
The seminar will also be a powerful antidote to anxiety, thanks to all the useful tips that will be dispensed to calm nerves in view of the big day.
The seminar is aimed mainly at students of the third year of the first-level degree and the second year of the specialist degree, but is also open to students who attend previous years.

The Stress-free graduation seminar (in English) will take place on March 7th at 3.00 pm on Microsoft Teams.