Study methodology and stress management seminars

Preparing for an exam at university is completely different from studying for high school oral exams. Will the method I use still be the right one? How can I best prepare for the exam?

IULM University offers you a tool to deal more effectively with your study and prepare you for your exams!

These seminars aim to develop a method of study that takes into account the demands of the University. You will deal with topics such as time management, study planning for the examination, techniques for storing and analyzing texts, how to prepare diagrams and store information. And above all, it will be an opportunity to discuss these things with other students, understand what method they use and, in the end, find the one that best suits you!

The meeting is scheduled as follows:

Hello anxiety! Webinar on how to reduce it (without drugs), March 30th, 6:15 pm Sign up here

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