Living the campus safely

IULM University welcomes its students in total safety.

What can you do to protect yourself and others around you from Covid-19? First of all, you can download the Immuni app (available for both iPhone and Android) which lets you know if you have come into hazardous contact (i.e. for long enough and within a short distance) with a subject who has turned out to be coronavirus positive. In addition, when resuming classes at the University, always respect the following rules of behaviour that you must comply with in order to live safely on campus:

  • Entry to the Athenaeum is only possible if you have no flu symptoms or fever above 37.5 °C. Some thermo-scanners have been installed in the Athenaeum for self-reading the temperature. The University reserves the right to check the temperature on a sample basis. The check will be carried out by the staff in charge using special thermometers and avoiding contact. We would like to remind you that, following the latest Prime Ministerial Decree of 5 August 2021, the Green Pass is compulsory to access to University. We remind you that the Green Pass is issued even in the absence of a vaccine, on condition that you have tested negative to the molecular (or antigenic) test in the last 48 hours, or that you have recovered from Covid-19 (for detailed information:
    Download the Rectoral Decree to consult all the rules that regulate in detail the implementation of this directive in the University (lessons, degree exams, reception of teachers, services, university residences, etc.)
  • Inside the Campus and in the classrooms you must always wear a mask, taking care to cover your nose and mouth. It is not possible to enter the premises without the mask and you will only be able to remove it for the time necessary for eating, always maintaining a safe distance.
  • In the common areas and classrooms there are dispensers to sanitise your hands. Use them every time you need to enter a classroom.
  • Always respect the safety distance of one metre and avoid crowding; if there are queues, wait for your turn at a suitable distance from your classmates.
  • Always respect the horizontal and vertical signs at the University; the notice boards contain information for prevention and protection.
  • Lifts can be used by accessing one person at a time. Better to use the escalators or static staircases in order to leave the lifts free for those who need them most.
  • You can access the buildings only to attend lessons, after booking your place in the classroom, or by appointment at the services.
  • To attend lessons in attendance you must first have booked your place in the classroom. The booking must be made through the IULM Lezioni - Easy Lesson app. Once the booking has been made, to access the classroom you must present the Qr-code to the operators present at the entrance of each building who are equipped with a special reader to check the booking. You cannot enter if you have not booked a seat.
  • You will also need to use the IULM Lessons - Easy Planning app to access the services and counters (e.g. Student secretariat).
  •  In the classrooms you are invited to fill the seats following these instructions: first the seats at the back, occupying the innermost seat in the row. You will only be able to sit in the seats identified by special signs (free seats will be marked with a green sticker, while in some classrooms the seats that cannot be used will be indicated). There will not be an assigned seat, but the occupied seat must be kept for the whole day avoiding the exchange of seats.
  • Do not exchange personal equipment or accessories (pens, mobile phones, etc.) with your classmates.
    - During breaks you can get up in an orderly manner to go to the toilets or have a drink at the nearest vending machine, always respecting the distance and using the mask.
  • The use of the toilets should be done without crowding the spaces: you will have to wait your turn outside and access only when the restroom is free.
  • You can have your meal in the classroom, always at your workstation, removing the mask for the necessary time. In classrooms where you are not allowed to eat your meal (e.g. Auditorium), the staff will show you the spaces used for eating and drinking.
  • During the days in the Athenaeum you can go to the bar or to the Foodie canteen.
  • If you leave your seat, you must return to the same seat once back in the classroom. It is not possible for you to sit in a seat other than the one previously occupied.
  • There is a Covid Help and Surveillance team at the University that can provide information on prevention and the rules to follow. If you experience flu symptoms while you are at the University, inform the teacher immediately and contact the number 02.891412525, which will activate the procedures provided for by the regulations.