A university spin-off, the IULM AI Lab is the result of a partnership between the University and Prana Ventures Venture Capital with the aim of generating value for the business system and for the country, producing culture and ideas through a model of open dissemination of innovation linked to the potential offered by Artificial Intelligence applied to business.

The laboratory is the centre of a multi-stakeholder system:

  • The excellent disciplinary skills of the IULM University on the themes of Communication, Marketing, Sales, Consumer Behaviour, Market and Social Research, combined with a deep knowledge of the system of companies of all sizes and industries (Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Retail, Fashion, Design, etc.) that teachers and professionals working at the University bring to the forefront of the world of fashion
  • The entrepreneurial vision and innovation expertise of Prana Ventures Venture Capital
  • The AI computational resources offered by the major technology players partners of the project
  • The ability to design and develop original AI algorithms and solutions developed by public and private advanced research centres
  • A selected network of start-ups and technology companies able to develop AI solutions tailored to the needs of companies of all sizes

The laboratory is structured around four areas of activity:

  • Maestr.ia: offers training on various levels - from decision makers to the most technical and specialized - online, in the classroom or designed specifically for the specific needs of the company;
  • Empir.ia: carries out academic and targeted research and development activities;
  • Sinerg.ia: helps companies to design Ai solutions designed on their needs, through a strategic approach and on the basis of methodologies designed specifically for both large companies and SMEs
  • Empat.ia: aimed at generating networks and disseminating the awareness necessary to address the change that businesses and society will face with the spread of solutions based on artificial intelligence