Subsidiary Project
The Subsidiary Project, coordinated by Paolo Del Debbio and Luciana Bianciardi, provides freshers with a tool to consolidate and refine their skills in the four essential fields of knowledge: the Italian language, history, civic education and geography.

Through four modules of 20 hours each, students will be able to "put themselves back in the centre", finding their own linguistic, temporal, civil and geographical coordinates. A unique opportunity in the universities of Milan to develop knowledge, reacquire notions and regain possession of the "foundations of knowledge".

Four paths to refine concepts and cultural elements essential to those who are preparing to attend university faculties

How do I talk to a professor? What about my study plan? Do I have to attend the English course? What if I want to do Erasmus? If you have any questions, please contact the freshers desk. It is open during lesson periods at the Orientation, Tutoring and Counseling Office - IULM 1, 4th floor. There you will always find someone to advise you and answer your questions!

Peer Tutor
Peer Tutors are senior students who make their experience available to support other students. If you are looking for study advice from a different perspective than that of the teacher, or if you want to make the most of the opportunities offered by the University and develop more effective study habits write to [email protected]