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Master's Specialist Live Entertainment. Come gestire un evento live

Scientific Director: Prof.ssa Valentina Garavaglia - Dott. Matteo Forte

Master's & Executive Education

Master's SpecialistLive Entertainment. Come gestire un evento live

Scientific Director: Prof.ssa Valentina Garavaglia - Dott. Matteo Forte

The Master in Live Entertainment was created in collaboration with Stage Entertainment, a leading company in theatrical production and live entertainment. The program aims to develop the skill set for the management of live events, whether shows or sporting events. The training emphasizes the creative conception, implementation and content management of a live show, the effective enhancement of the venue and the multiple forms of digital live expression. 

Program Goals:

- Learn the theoretical and cultural context in which the Live Entertainment culture develops

- Understand how to realize a live show or event from a production and organizational point of view

- Integrate artistic talent into production processes 

- Develop an awareness of the economic sustainability of cultural initiatives

- Identify the multiple forms of digital expression in Live Entertainment and their applications

— Accelerate the integration of theory and practice by including opportunities for students to meet and experiment directly with the professionals of live


graduates and those who intend to work in the field of Live Entertainment. 


The program is held at the venue of the "Giorgio Gaber" Lyric Theater in Milan to ensure that participants integrate content learning, field observation and interaction with the players involved. Classes, part-time, will be held Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

1. Living and Knowing the Live Industry:

the Live Entertainment context, from the point of view of theoretical and cultural assumptions and competitive dynamics generating value for the different stakeholders.

2. Using management tools applied to Live

marketing, business economics, finance, operations and organization for the realization of Live shows and events.

3. Working in Live

on-the-job training aimed at the enhancement of creativity, talent and business skills

The internship is relevant part of the training: at the end of the classes activities students will be offered internships at partner companies.



Duration of Classes

5 months







Study Visit



3/6 optional

Iscrizione al Master 2022
Iscrizione al Master 2022

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