Master's & Executive Education

Master's Specialist Global Security and Cooperation

Scientific Director: Prof. Massimo De Giuseppe

Master's & Executive Education

Master's SpecialistGlobal Security and Cooperation

Scientific Director: Prof. Massimo De Giuseppe

This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to tackle today's most pressing global security challenges. Through this program, students will be exposed to a variety of topics, including military security, climate change, food security, migration, health security, international networks and cybersecurity. Our program provides an interdisciplinary approach to global security, with a unique emphasis on understanding the complexities of international cooperation and the impact of global security on global development. We provide students with the tools to analyze and respond to global security threats and challenges, as well as build the capacity to develop and implement effective global security policies and strategies for a more secure world.

Points of strengths

1. In-depth knowledge of international law, diplomacy, geopolitical and global security issues.

2. Ability to develop and manage strategic initiatives to mitigate security threats.

3. Proven track record of developing effective partnerships with stakeholders across the globe.

4. Expertise in crisis management and conflict resolution. 

5. Ability to provide innovative solutions to global security problems.

6. Access to a wide range of networking opportunities with faculty, companies, international organizations, ngo's, and experts in the field.

7. A practical approach focused on understanding current international issues.



Duration of Classes

4 months







Study Visit



3/6 optional

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