Master's & Executive Education

Master's Executive Data Analysis for Marketing

Scientific Director: Prof. Guido Di Fraia

Master's & Executive Education

Master's ExecutiveData Analysis for Marketing

Scientific Director: Prof. Guido Di Fraia

The fourth industrial revolution is powered by Big Data. For companies, public administration and society in general, data represents the energy of the present and the near future.

Big Data is raw data, though. Being able to transform it into information by applying the analysis tools offered by artificial intelligence and cognitive computing means generating value for companies and for the country system.

Within this scenario, the Executive Master in Data Analysis for Marketing was founded. This is the first training course designed to train professionals specialized in Big Data analysis for marketing activities (cognitive marketing, A.I. marketing, marketing automation, marketing data driven, etc.) and communication.

The lessons are both in blended formula, i.e. lessons and workshops to be attended in the classroom and others to be followed online, and in full online formula.

Thematic areas:

1. Marketing & AI - Marketing Fundamentals, Data Driven Marketing, AI Platforms
2. Data: Architectures, Collecting, Analysis - Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Data
Lake, Data Governance & GDPR, Agile Working
3. Statistics & Data Visualization - Inferential Statistics, Factorial Analysis, Cluster
Analysis, Mapping, Data Visualization
4. Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics - Predictive Analysis, Decision Making, Customer Satisfaction Analysis, Marketing Mix Modelling
5. Data Mining, Text Analytics & Social Network Analysis - Association Rules, Market
Basket Analysis, Recommendation Systems, Text Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, SNA and
Analysis of Organizational Networks
6. Digital Analytics - Marketing Automation, Programmatic and Online Behavioral ADV,
Social Media Listening



Duration of Classes

1 year








3/6 optional

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