Master's & Executive Education

Master's Executive Communication & Human Resources

Scientific Director: Dott. Luca Quaratino

Master's & Executive Education

Master's ExecutiveCommunication & Human Resources

Scientific Director: Dott. Luca Quaratino

The Master course supports students in developing a wide range of skills and competences for the HR function, with a particular focus on the following issues: organizational communication, the use of new digital media, the management of labor relations. At the end of the Master's program participants will be able to effectively interact with internal Line customers and external counterparts.

The course is delivered in Blended format combining the acquisition of theoretical notions online with the development of application skills through laboratories on Campus.

Study program:

Business strategy, organizational models and corporate culture

  • Relationship between business strategy, organizational model and HR policies
  • Corporate culture and values
  • Management of organizational change processes
  • HR strategies and the human resource management and development cycle
  • HR management models and structures: toward business partnership
  • The HR manager: role and competencies

Labor relations, labor relations, and management of internal and external strategic communication

  • Types of labor relations in the enterprise: choosing according to the company's business
  • Contract drafting and clauses: probationary and extended notice covenants, penalties, golden parachute, etc.
  • Workplace control tools and privacy (e-mail, badges, GPS),
  • Employer disciplinary power and the handling of dismissals
  • Labor relations, collective agreements, "tables" and "management agreements"
  • Techniques of union negotiation and managing communication with unions, employees and institutions

Human capital attraction, development and retention

  • Recruitment and selection: profile definition, recruitment channels, interview techniques
  • Compensation and benefits. The use of total rewarding for strategic performance alignment, engagement, talent
  • attraction and retention
  • Empowerment and emotion management
  • Development processes: performance management, potential assessment, career development.
  • Talent management: taking care of Talented and Talented people
  • Training as a lever for the development of people and the organization

Labor costs, budgets and metrics for personnel management

  • Managerial view of economic and financial data: budgeting, cash-flow, costing and investment evaluation
  • Determinants of labor costs and coupon reading
  • Personnel budget construction within the business planning process
  • Metrics and KPIs for measuring HR performance
  • The impact of HR choices on the corporate income statement

Organizational communication, engagement and social media management

  • Organizational communication: general principles and current trends
  • Employee engagement: international and Italian research data compared
  • HR and internal communication levers to support employee engagement
  • Internal communication to support change management
  • Social media policy and digital transformation processes
  • Measuring communication results: KPIs and dashboards



Duration of Classes

8 months








3/6 optional

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