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Scientific Director: Prof. Vincenzo Trione - Dr. Alessia Zorloni

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Scientific Director: Prof. Vincenzo Trione - Dr. Alessia Zorloni


January 23, 2021


24 hours



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Course information

This specialization course is one of the modules of the Master Art Market Management

Investment in art represents an important opportunity available to families, businesses and third sector entities with reference to community investment, able to generate a benefit for civil society and create added value, promoting positive change at the social level, in line with the objectives of sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals, SDG) of the United Nations.

The course is designed to strengthen specific managerial and operational skills and is aimed at:

  • Operators of non-profit companies and professionals who deal with CSR and sustainability in the company or who contribute to the sustainability reporting and communication process;
  • Young practitioners of professional studies who want to specialize in the third sector
  • Individuals and family foundations
  • Enterprises and business foundations
  • Foundations of banking origin
  • Private Bankers and financial advisors
  • Wealth Advisor and Family Office

Training on the job
Consultants and experts in the non-profit sector will alternate with testimonies from associations and foundations. Participants will have the opportunity to compare case histories to stimulate an active participation and as much as possible in practice in order to apply concrete and effective solutions to be proposed in their own realities.

Formula, duration and location
The program develops over 24 hours. Online teaching takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00 and on Saturdays, every other week, from 9:00 to 13:00 at the IULM University.

At the end of the programme, a certificate of participation will be issued to the participants (minimum attendance required: 80% of training hours).

Educational aims

The training course provides the tools to manage a philanthropic and/or social investment project in the arts and aims to understand the benefits that philanthropy can derive from the adoption of SDGs as the strategic framework underlying their operation. In particular, it is designed to:

  • Understand the evolutions that are characterizing the philanthropic and non-profit sector;
  • To orientate oneself among the main approaches and tools available and to relate with the providers and other third sector entities;
  • Know the main design elements, define objectives and implementation methods of the initiative, monitor its progress and report the results generated to its stakeholders and lenders;
  • To provide the skills to generate resources through donations of a strictly philanthropic nature, in favour of bodies operating in the arts and culture sectors, in order to make the development and sustainability of the organisation effective;
  • Know how to construct a fundraising strategy through institutional channels by fostering the creation of direct relationships with the provider.


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Costs and registrations

Deadline entries: January 20, 2021

Lessons start: January 23, 2021

Cost: € 720+VAT